The best of automotive media brought to you by five youngsters from Winterswijk (NL): Steven Oonk, Melvin Wolterink, Mart Hilgenberg, Ties Oonk & Lennard Laar. Speed Generation was founded in 2014 by a group of friends who all shared the same passion: cars. We got invited to great car events, started organizing photoshoots and began to build our portfolio. 
Over the past few years, Speed Generation has become bigger and more professional, but we are still driven by the same passion for cars. By doing photoshoots for different clients on a weekly basis and capturing events all over Europe, we have a lot of experience in shooting cars and we can't wait to shoot yours! 
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Hi! My name is Lennard, I'm 21 years old and currently I'm the main photographer at Speed Generation. To me, photography is much more than just work. I always challenge myself to go one step further and improve, to get the best results and satisfied clients. I've always had a passion for cars and photography. Speed Generation is the perfect way to combine these passions. I love to meet like-minded car enthousiasts, hear your stories and create the best images of your ride or event. This often means traveling to the most beautiful locations to shoot cars I could only dream of as a kid. Wether it's a brand-new Porsche or a classic Alfa Romeo, every car has something special that I love to hear about! 
Speed Generation
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